Distributors & AGENTS

Ordering Classic Clay

Contact Head Office for any enquiries, local agents or distributors or quotes:

Phone: +61 2 9316 7244 

Email: info@fieldturfaust.com.au

Also see our parent company website: www.fieldturf.com.au

We have an international network of agents and distributors and we also have an international installation team so can quote across the world for supply and/or supply and full installation OR contact directly, below:


AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND AND PACIFIC ISLANDS   Contact: FieldTurf Australia - info@fieldturfaust.com.au

UAE - TENIS SCHMID - www.tenis-schmid.cz                Contact: Lubomir Schmid       - tenisschmid@post.cz

CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA - www.recourt.cz             Contact: Lubomir Schmid      -  tenisschmid@post.cz

SOUTH AFRICA - PLASTOTOP - www.classicclay.co.za  Contact: Candice Greenberg - info@classicclay.co.za

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES & TERRITORIES                   Contact: FieldTurf Australia - info@fieldturfaust.com.au