Classic Clay® was developed in Australia by a team with a long standing and well recognized and respected history in the sports surfacing industry.

Classic Clay® is the first and the world's only patented "waterless" artificial clay tennis court surface, designed to play and slide just like a natural clay tennis court.  Classic Clay® has been developed to be respected, maintained and played with clay court etiquette.  Clay tennis court play is desired by many and as one of the world's Grand Slam tournament surfaces, is widely sought and preferred as a training surface for the elite tennis player.  Until the development of Classic Clay® (which created a new classificiation in the ITF surface guide) players only choice was natural clay, which although when playing at its peak is an amazing surface, presents many problems to the court owner and players alike.  Natural clay is expensive to build, to maintain and to annually rejuvenate and also is unplayable during rain and winter seasons.

Classic Clay® is manufactured under strict conditions within the purpose built manufacturing plant of Grassman, one of the world's leading tennis court surface manufacturers. Raw materials are all 100% Australian and of the highest quality. The yarns used are manufactured to the highest level of UV degradation for Australia's harsh conditions Classic Clay® has been successfully installed and proved to withstand the test of time in the heat of Dubai and Northern Australia to the ice and snow of the Czech Republic and North-East coast of USA. The fact that the greatest number of Classic Clay® courts (more than 500 courts) are installed in France – "the home of clay" says it all !

Classic Clay® is available in either French Clay or USA Green, both incorporating patented inbuilt raised Permaline® court line system.

Classic Clay® have sourced and secured the exclusive supply of its Classic Clay® infill from Envirofill in the USA. Sourced for the correct size of the particle, vital for playability and backed by the warranty that assures the customer of guaranteed colour-fast, anti microbial material.

Choosing Classic Clay® will give you the confidence that your tennis court will last at least the length of the 10 year warranty but with care and maintenance as advised at the time of the purchase of your court, could be expected to exceed more than 20 years life span.

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