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Classic Clay is quite simply a revolution in the traditional clay court world resulting from creative thinking and many years of testing and development. The Classic Clay® tennis surface 'system' incorporates patented technology to achieve a low maintenance, world-class clay surface that plays in wet and dry weather conditions.  The court in effect has all the play characteristics of clay, so ensure that you and your members respect the courts clay etiquette.

The playing surface retains all the attributes of a traditional clay court, and presents numerous unique benefits. The surface looks like clay, plays like clay, slides like clay, has consistent ball bounce characteristics and offers a perfectly prepared clay court with virtually no maintenance. If you are considering a long lasting and low maintenance clay court for your club the Classic Clay® surface is proven and increasingly becoming the first choice of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

Cost savings

The initial outlay of Classic Clay® offers a very cost effective alternative to natural clay and greatly reduced annual maintenance costs. There is also an enormous water cost saving as Classic Clay® does not require water. Tennis clubs benefit financially from the reduced number of lost days due to wet weather achieved with your Classic Clay® court, especially when installed over the D.U.C.C. drainage and cushion underlay - see D.U.C.C. under Technical.

COST COMPARISON - Based on new court – construction over ten year period (length of Classic Clay® warranty)

Based on 1 court  Natural Clay Classic Clay
Initial cost $75,000 $45,000
10 years water usage $40,000 -
10 years maintenance $120,000 $38,000
Lost play days – Av. 10 years 1200 300

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Attractive and professional appearance

There has been no argument with any installation around the world...Classic Clay courts look absolutely fantastic.  The color choice of French Clay and USA Green are rich and aethetically very appealing.  Simple “bagging” or the use of a drag mat will groom the court to world class appearance and the rotary line sweeper reveals crisp white raised Permaline®, providing a surface ready for perfect clay court ball marks.

Ball bounces like traditional clay

The ball speed of a Classic Clay® court is rated 1 - slow , classified by the ITF, the same rating as natural clay.  Most agree the clay game is dramatically different to a grass or hard court stle.  Topspin, backspin and slice all are vastly different on clay.  The Classic Clay® surface ensures the ball stays low on backspin shots, kicks on topspin and deflect with slice, just like traditional clay courts.

Slides like a traditional clay tennis surface

The controlled foot “slide” character of the playing style on clay is emulated accurately and remains consistent across the entire surface, including the inbuilt lines.  There are no deviations, soft spots or hard clumped areas as experienced with natural clay.

Less heat retention underfoot in hot regions

Hard and compact earth exposed to the sun in hot regions will retain enormous amounts of ambient heat.  The Classic Clay® surface was designed for the extreme heat of Australia’s harsh conditions and the loose free top surface acts as a natural insulation and contributes to cooler underfoot than natural clay and hard courts.

Easier on the body than a traditional clay or hard court

The system has a shock absorbing quality that is very popular with veteran players, coaches and anyone spending considerable time training or playing on court.  There is documented evidence in France of retired veteran players returning to the court to once again play after Clubs installed Classic Clay courts.

Drastically reduced soil on clothing, footwear and tennis balls

The Classic Clay Envirofill® infill is a consistent micron size and free of dust particles.  Therefore, clothing, shoes and tennis balls remain much cleaner than when playing on natural clay.


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